HTC Raindrop, Samsung Milkyway, and more Nokia devices leak in WP Bench database (Update)

Well, now this is getting a little more interesting. Earlier today we told you about a device surfacing in the WP Bench databases called the Nokia Phi. There wasn’t much to tell about the device though, and we figured it was one of those isolated leaks. However we just checked back with the database and we’ve spotted a ton of new device names pop up — and there’s more than just Nokia in there.

As you can see from our two screenshots above, there’s a total of six new names that have appeared in the database within the last few hours. From Nokia we can see there’s the Alpha, Lambda, PureLambda and PurePhi. It’s obvious from the codenames that Nokia has a Greek alphabet theme going, and the prefix of Pure on some of the devices could mean those are future PureView devices.

Meanwhile there’s also a cameo apiece from HTC and Samsung. We don’t know what to make of HTC’s Raindrop, since it doesn’t fit into any prior themes. Also, last we remember the Milky Way is a galaxy in the universe and we’ve heard Samsung is working on a Windows Phone 8 version of its newest flagship. Could the Samsung Milkyway be that device?

Assuming these are future Windows Phone 8 powered devices, it appears there’s already some internal testing under way. The simultaneous surfacing of each of these is odd to say the least, so take it all with a dose of skepticism if you’d like.

Update: As it turns out, this newest leak has been confirmed to be fake. Read more here.

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