Nokia Camera Extension app coming soon to Lumia devices, previewed ahead of time (Video)

Wondering what else Nokia has up their sleeves when it comes to exclusive apps? It looks like their next project is in the wild a little early in some areas: an app called Camera Extension has surfaced in China. WeLoveWP.HK got a hands-on look at the new app which adds four main new photography techniques to your Lumia: Self-Timer, Panorama, Action Shot, and Smart Group Shot.

The latter is the most impressive of the lot — Smart Group Shot (pictured above) takes 5 photos in succession. Once processed, the app uses face detection to turn back time and pick the best face from one of the shots. This is ideal for the frequent blinkers in the crowd (you know who you are) and in the hands-on video (after the break) it works amazingly well. A similar feature will be found in BlackBerry 10 upon release later this year, and RIM probably isn’t too elated to see Nokia go after the feature for itself.

According to the website it looks like Camera Extension won’t directly replace the default camera app, or in other words it will still appear as separate in the app list. To remedy this however, each of the four functions will be accessible from the Settings menu (see photo above), so at the very least it will be only a one or two taps away. Don’t blame Nokia for that, blame the limited APIs of Windows Phone. Anyway, remember check out the hands-on videos after the break because you won’t be disappointed.

Via: WMPoweruser
Source: WeLoveWP.HK (Microsoft Translator)


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