Sprint VP shows optimism for Windows Phone 8, disdain for consistent opinions

The CDMA carriers in the United States have always been fickle with their support for Windows Phone, with Verizon skipping out in a dispute over 4G LTE while Sprint just doesn’t see the momentum. Ironically enough, the same Sprint VP of Product Relations that once said Windows Phone “hasn’t done well enough” to justify a second device on their network is now optimistic for the future version of the platform.

PCMag interviewed with Sprint’s David Owens while attending CTIA 2012 and he revealed that the network was “still bullish on Apollo”; the interviewer added Owens had “nothing but good things to say about Apollo”. Bullish in this case means the Now Network may be hopping on the Windows Phone 8 bandwagon later this year. Rumor has it the carrier is working on a dual-core Nokia device that will support their fledgling LTE network, which would be a nice upgrade to the patient HTC Arrive owner holding out for a Windows Phone upgrade.

It appears Microsoft is beginning to align the stars with Apollo with carriers, manufacturers and processor firms alike all showing enthusiasm for the future platform. We’ll likely learn more about just what Microsoft has up their sleeves in June.

Via: TechnoBuffalo
Source: PCMag

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