Latest version of WPH Tweaks lets you multitask between 15 (or more) apps

We all got super excited when we heard that Tango might bump up the multitasking limit for apps, and then we all got super bummed out when we learned that wasn’t true. But thanks to the homebrew scene and the always inventive Jaxbot, your rooted Windows Phone can fulfill those broken promises after all.

With the latest release of WPH Tweaks, you can now select the maximum number of apps to switch between with options for 3, 5, 8, 15, or No Limit. We just tried it with 8 apps and it works as described, with almost no apps requiring a refresh. The version 0.5 update also adds a new ‘Prank’ feature to let your friends think your phone uses cutting-edge 5G technology.

If you have your phone interop unlocked and rooted, go ahead and download WPH Tweaks just visit the source link below. (Then remember to mark the app as ‘Trusted’ with WP7 Root Tools, otherwise the features won’t work.)

Source: Windows Phone Hacker


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