Nokia to offer Lumia devices in ‘unique propositions’ for each carrier

Wondering why Nokia itself seems surprised by the number of orders it’s received for its Lumia device lineup in North America? Probably because Nokia USA President Chris Weber knows that each carriers wants to have their own unique device to call their own, and if given that the carriers will push adoption for that device. In a new interview with Bloomberg, Weber says that strategy has worked so far and will continue as the Lumia range grows for the American market:

The key to getting more Lumia phones into consumers’ hands is giving each carrier a “unique proposition,” so they can show how the devices stand out from the iPhone or Android models, Weber said. While only AT&T and T-Mobile offer the Lumia phones now, Verizon Wireless has said it’s preparing to add a new Nokia model to its lineup.

As pointed out by the end of the quote, we’ve heard plenty of talk about a Lumia device in Verizon’s future plus another phone heading to Sprint. Nothing’s confirmed, but it’s widely believed these devices will debut with Windows Phone 8 later this year. We’ll see just how ‘unique’ each of these ‘propositions’ are once the devices hit the market.

Source: Bloomberg

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