Rumor: Windows Phone 7.8 skipping IE10 and native Skype, WP8 adding new TV recognition

We’re finally beginning to learn a little more about the mysteries for Windows Phone 7.8 and 8. has leaked a table displaying what it claims is an accurate list of features compared between the two upcoming mobile operating systems, and there’s a lot revealed about the update for existing devices.

Beginning with the browser, it appears Internet Explorer 10 won’t be trickling down from WP8 which is a real disappointment considering how huge of an improvement the browser’s underlying code is. Meanwhile some features that will be found in 7.8 will remain a separate application and won’t be baked in like Skype, the new DataSmart, and the RCS-e support. Then there’s Voice Commands which are getting a huge overhaul in WP8 but seemingly not in 7.8; the same goes for improved Cloud integration. The rest is expected like the lack of OTA updates for older devices, the presence of the new Start page, and the mixed support for Visual Voicemail. However, color us surprised when we saw the mention of TV recognition as an extension of Bing Audio in WP8 in the translated feature table.

Diving deeper into this, WPCentral has provided some speculative fodder as to how exactly Microsoft might go about implementing this TV recognition service. Last year, Microsoft acquired a company called VideoSurf which is essentially a search engine for video sites. It aggregates and curates content from popular sites like YouTube (duh), Hulu, CBS, CNN, Dailymotion, and more; however, it also has achieved video recognition through audio samples and video frames.

They theorize that Windows Phone 8 will allow you to record a video clip and from there VideoSurf’s technology will take over and provide you with search results. More tantalizing could be the ability to go directly from recording a clip of a show and then applying it for use within an app, like instantly adding it to your Netflix queue or buying the first season from the upcoming Xbox Video Marketplace. The possibilities are really endless, and it jibes well with Microsoft’s increased focus on their multimedia ecosystem. has never steered us wrong before, so we don’t doubt the authenticity of this sudden leak. Regardless, there are some disappointing revelations about 7.8 here that we’re sure you have some opinions about. Share your thoughts in the comments.

Source: (translated), WPCentral

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