Microsoft employees worldwide receiving free Surface RTs, Windows 8 PCs, and Windows Phone 8 handsets (Update: Pics!)

We wouldn’t normally compare Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer to daytime television icon Oprah Winfrey, but in this case we think the Microsoft campus had a similar reaction following the company’s annual meeting this morning. According to The Seattle Times, at the end of Microsoft’s yearly meeting the chief executive proudly announced that they would be giving away a ton of awesome new swag to all 90,000+ employees worldwide this year.

The giveaway items include a Surface RT tablet (jealous!), a new Windows 8 PC for work (double jealous!), and a Windows Phone 8 handset of their choice (apocalyptic levels of jealous!). For the Windows 8 PC, employees will have the freedom to choose between a variety of desktops, laptops, ultrabooks and tablets. While employees could not technically talk about the announcement, many took to Twitter to praise the company this afternoon for their generosity.

It is refreshing to hear that Microsoft has enough faith in their risky computer, mobile and tablet products this year to equip their entire workforce with a fleet of the new gadgets. If they have that much confidence in their products, maybe us fans shouldn’t be doubting them. Unfortunately for all non-Softies, you’ll have to wait until October 26th for Windows 8 and the Surface tablets, or some time in November for Windows Phone 8.

Update: Since publishing the article, Engadget has uploaded images from the announcement showing proof that indeed every single Microsoft full-time employee worldwide are receiving a hearty serving of gadget awesomeness this year. Two more images are after the break. Meanwhile in our Reddit thread for this article, a ton of Microsoft employees have commented confirming that all of it is true and that they are quite excited to get the devices. However, they say they will have to wait until general availability just like everybody else before the goodies are handed out.

Source: The Seattle Times, Engadget

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