Viber with voice calls released for Nokia Lumia owners, previous version rebranded as Viber Messenger

Viber has been in the Windows Phone Store for some time now, but we did not report on it since it was considered a ‘beta’ launch by the company. The reason? No voice calling, which is one of the VOIP service’s most important features. Now we’re happy to report that Viber users can finally make voice calls over data or Wi-Fi — if you own a Nokia Lumia device.

Version 2.2 of Viber adds HD Voice Calls, a vastly superior interface, and support for Groups. The app remains, as on every platform, free to download and use by creating an account. So what’s happened to the old ‘beta’ app in the public Store? As it turns out, the company has decided to rebrand the app as Viber Messenger, which as it turns out is reflective of its functionality right now. This is a clever approach, though there may be some confusion to work through when the exclusive period ends (at this point, we don’t know when that is).

As with all of Nokia’s exclusive apps, you’ll have to pick this one up from the Nokia Collection with the on-device Marketplace app. You can get it to your phone faster by scanning the QR code to the right with Bing Vision, or by visiting this page with your phone and tapping on the tile/link below.

Via: WMPoweruser

by Viber
Version: 2.2
Price: Free (Lumia exclusive)
Trial: N/A

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