Video: Cyan Nokia Lumia 920 spotted in official Windows Phone video!

Well now, what do we have here? The official Windows Phone YouTube channel has uploaded a new video showing off the Lumia 920 in Red (watch it after the jump), but they may have also inadvertently introduced us to the Cyan Lumia 920!

Spotted twice during the video, at 0:32 and again at 1:14, there is a cyan phone laying next to a white phone. We can tell by the reflection that it is indeed curved glass (so we can rule out the 900), and the phone’s construction has the sharp edges of the 920 rather than the rounded 820. Thus it is safe to assume that the mythical cyan Lumia 920 exists after all!

So now the question remains: why wasn’t it announced? The popular theory is that the cyan color will be a carrier-exclusive color when the phone launches in the U.S. later this year, and after seeing this video we’d put stock into that. Check out the clip for yourself after the break.

Random Fun Fact: the Nokia Lumia 920′s curved glass is referred to as the ‘Nokia Smile’. Aww.

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