Windows Phone 8X camera and video samples surface, impressive enough to go head-to-head with PureView? (Video)

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The Windows Phone 8X by HTC is a compelling device for a number of reasons, but one area that has been a little underhyped is the camera. Featuring an 8-megapixel camera with an f/2.0 lens, the specs nearly match up with the Lumia 920′s ‘PureView’ camera so we have been quite curious to see how these two superphones compete.

Singaporean technology blog Techgoondu spent a day with both of HTC’s new devices and managed to grab the first camera and video samples we have seen from the 8X’s sensor. The results are, predictably, fantastic. All of the photos captured plenty of detail, and the colors appeared to be more realistic than competitors. However, we did notice in a macro shot like the one above that edges seemed a little sharper than they should be. Sadly, none of the images were of low-light and thus we cannot truly compare these samples with the night photos captured by the Nokia Lumia 920.

We can’t judge too hard on the sample shots since these are pre-release, but they do give us an idea for what to expect when the flagship goes on sale this November (and on more than one American carrier). Check out the full gallery for more hi-res samples, and be sure to read Techgoondu’s excellent hands on impressions at the source link. Also, keep reading past the jump for a look at the first video sample from the Windows Phone 8X.

Via: /r/WindowsPhone (Reddit)
Source: Techgoondu, Imgur

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