WPD Bits: Microsoft sets a world record, Windows 8 launch event, and Skype’s new tricks

We’ve just written up your prescription for WPD Bits, which will cure that nagging emptiness you feel when you just haven’t read enough about Microsoft. Remember to take it once every Sunday with water, after a meal, and before you get a case of the Mondays (it’s hard to cure that once you get it!)

This week’s dosage includes an impressively nerdy world record, a certain carrier expanding its ultra fast network, a big party in the Big Apple, and more. Swallow the pill and get cozy after the break.

Microsoft’s Windows AppFest captures Guiness World Record for largest coding marathon

In case you didn’t know, developers are pretty important to Microsoft. So it may not come as a big surprise that Microsoft managed to get 2,567 developers to code for 18 hours non-stop at its Windows AppFest in Bangalore, India this week. One of the goals of the event was to set the new Guinness World Record for “Most Participants in a Software Development Marathon in One Location” and that’s exactly what they managed to do. Time to pop the bubbly! [ Source: Blogging Windows ]

AT&T lights up eight new markets with LTE service

While we’re expecting to see Verizons significantly larger network join the fray later this year, right now the only way to get LTE on your Windows Phone is through AT&T. Fortunately, it looks like the carrier has lit up new markets with support for the ultrafast network technology: Detroit, Portland, Seattle, Honolulu, Pittsburgh, Sacramento, Birmingham, Memphis, Cincinnati, and Fayetteville. You can find the full list of all covered markets in the Network page linked at the source. [ Source: AT&T ]

Microsoft plans to ‘celebrate’ Windows 8 launch with NYC event on October 25th

Windows 8 is sooner to release than you think. Just in case anyone forgot Microsoft decided to send out invites to a little shindig taking place in New York City on October 25th, the night before Windows 8′s release. There’s no details about what exactly the event might cover but popular theories include official Surface prices, details about Xbox Music, or just a celebration filled with Ballmer-isms. It’ll be a night to remember. [ Via: WinSuperSite ]

LG reminds everyone that they still aren’t going to make any new Windows Phones

Fans of the LG Quantum and Optimus 7 don’t have much to look forward to when it comes to new Windows Phones. LG has gone on record (again) to say that the company has, “no specific plans for other mobile platforms” besides Android. That isn’t very inspiring since LG is a distant player in the smartphone industry, and one can’t help but think the Korean manufacturer might be missing a golden opportunity to spice up their smartphone offerings with a dash of Metro. [ Source: CNET Asia ]

Rumor: Skype will soon support video messaging, emphasis on Metro interface

Recently we saw leaked screenshots from Neowin showing off the new Metro-styled Skype app for Windows 8, and earlier this week saw the release of a significant Skype beta for the desktop. Now according to The Verge, that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Looking ahead, Skype supposedly has plans for a video messaging feature where users can record a short clip and send it to contacts, who will see them instantly or the next time they sign in. That feature may launch as soon as October, while Outlook.com integration and the Windows 8 app are still expected in time for the holidays. [ Source: The Verge ]

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