HTC plans "Full Frontal Mustache Bash" with the Windows Phone 8X in Hollywood on November 1st

In two weeks, November Movember will be upon us. In honor of the month of mustache pride, HTC USA is going full frontal.

The company has just announced a new event dubbed the “Full Frontal Mustache Bash” for November 1st. HTC is apparently going to kill two birds with one stone by celebrating the mustachioed mayhem of Movember and promoting the Windows Phone 8X:

We’re going FULL FRONTAL and using the ultra-wide-angle camera on the 8X by HTC to attempt to capture the most mustaches ever in a photo. Don’t worry baby-faced guys and ladies we’ll have plenty of fun fake mustaches On hand so you can get in the spirit too!

Yes, it’s as weird as you might have thought but it might be worth the trip. Why? HTC will be letting attendees play around with the 8X in their “Full Frontal Photobooths” and is going to give away 8X devices too.

The free event will take place at the London Hotel in Hollywood, CA on Thursday, November 1st from 7 to 10 PM. You must register for the event to attend, which you can do at the source link below.

Source: HTC Full Frontal Mustache Bash (Eventbrite)

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