T-Mobile HTC Windows Phone 8X and Nokia Lumia 810 priced in leaked Walmart documents

There’s been much concern about the pricing of Windows Phone 8 handsets. We can imagine how concerned people are about the Nokia Lumia 920 asking price, but for now we don’t have pricing for that. However, today we did get a rough idea of just how much two new Windows Phone 8 devices are going to cost you — and it’s pretty reasonable!

TmoNews received a tiny screenshot of a Walmart document that lists the pricing of several upcoming T-Mobile devices. Obviously, the HTC Windows Phone 8X and the Nokia Lumia 810 fall into that category and are present in the document. Nokia’s mid-range device will be available with a two-year contract for a superb $99.88, while HTC’s bona fide flagship the 8X will make a name for itself at a perfectly reasonable price of $148.00.

Walmart has an odd way of pricing their devices, but if history proves correct these are most likely going to line up with T-Mobile’s official pricing. The difference is that T-Mobile stores will probably require a mail-in-rebate to reach that price, while Walmart does not. Rumor has it the 8X will launch on November 14th.

In our opinion, the Windows Phone 8X for $148 on contract is a steal and the $99 for the Lumia 810 is exactly what we expected, so let’s hope these figures are real. How do you feel about these prices?

Source: TmoNews

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