Video: Samsung ATIV S gets an early hands-on, reveals Kid’s Corner functionality in full detail (Update: Nevermind)

Want an early peek under the curtains of Windows Phone 8? For most people, you’d have to wait until Microsoft takes the stage in San Francisco on October 29th. However, we know you’re not “most people” and apparently GSMArena knows that too.

The site has quietly snuck a video onto their YouTube account, getting their grubby hands all over a pre-release Samsung ATIV S. Typically the video is accompanied by an article with the whole routine of early impressions, lots of photos, et al. In this case though, it looks like GSMArena might have slipped up on their embargo a little early. That suggests Samsung may be ready to showcase the device at an event soon, possibly for a carrier in the United States, but that’s just some speculation on our part.

We are of course here to reap the rewards, and one of the nuggets gained from this early look is a better understanding of Kid’s Corner — which has apparently been renamed to Children’s Corner (though that might depend on the phone’s regional settings). Ignoring the name swap, there’s a much higher level of customization to the feature than we thought; while setting up the alternate Start screen, you can select what music is allowed, what apps are allowed, and other settings like the lock screen wallpaper. Once you turn the feature on, you can access your new Corner by swiping to the right the next time you unlock your phone.

Check out the short 3-minute video after the break.

Update: Looks like GSMArena did make a mistake after all and have pulled the video. Sorry, folks.

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Via: WP7 Connect
Source: GSMArena (YouTube)

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