Windows Phone 8 SDK Release Candidate ready and waiting on Microsoft’s servers

October 29th is widely expected to be Windows Phone 8′s true reveal, and obviously Microsoft needs some apps to show off to the hungry fanboys. The company began a limited Preview program for successful developers to get early access to the development kit for Windows Phone 8, but it was based off of what was for all intents and purposes beta software.

Now WPDang reports that the Release Candidate of the Windows Phone 8 SDK is now complete. The screenshot above shows off a few details about the download, including a friendly confidentiality notice since the dev kit is still under strict lockdown. It appears the download was published last Friday, October 12th.

Presumably, the download is rolling out now to developers who are a part of the Preview program but we have not been able to confirm this yet. However, we think it’s a solid assumption since the end of the release notes links to the “WPSDK Dev Preview discussion forum” — it would be really hard not to take the hint.

Hopefully this means Microsoft is going to release the SDK for everyone sooner rather than later, and October 29th seems like a pretty safe bet at this point.

Source: WPDang (Translated)

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