WPD Bits: Jessica Alba digs cyan, real Surface ads appear, and blind Bing test wins

The week in Microsoft actually focused mostly on Windows Phone. That means there were precious few Bits we could dig up for you this time, but that doesn’t mean we came empty-handed.

In this edition of WPD Bits a certain celebrity heartthrob is digging cyan, Microsoft’s Surface marketing campaign kicks things up, Bing has a resounding victory in a blind test, and Microsoft’s co-founder shares his thoughts on Windows 8.

Keep reading for your weekly mouthful of Bits!

Jessica Alba lookin’ fine with a cyan Lumia 900 in hand, dresses pretty well too

In most celeb candid photos, the spotlight is usually on a parade of iPhones that goes beyond how far the eye can see. But recently there have been exceptions, and the latest anomaly is hottie Jessica Alba with her cyan Nokia Lumia 900. She joins an elite class of celebrity which also includes sci-fi god LeVar Burton, indie band M83, Flo-RidaAndy Dick, Vernon Davis of the San Francisco 49ers, and Kourtney Kardashian. Throwing Alba into the mix balances out the sausagefest in our minds. [ Via: Nokiapoweruser / Source: The Daily Mail ]

Surface ads ditch the graffiti in Boston, Chicago, New York, San Francisco, and Washington D.C.

We’ve kept tabs on all of the Surface graffiti sightings in the past few months, but Microsoft’s marketing strategy has just shifted into high gear. Surface Evangelist has overflowed with user tips about ads plastered all over the nation’s busiest subway and train stations. The invasion includes the Boston subway, San Francisco’s Civic Center, New York’s metro and bus stations, and Washington D.C.’s and Chicago’s subways,. This month should really be renamed Microsoftober, don’t you think? [ Source: Surface Evangelist (Facebook) ]

‘Bing It On’ blind search challenge a huge success with several million picking Bing over Google

Recently Bing copied a page from Windows Phone’s playbook and started up their own series of challenges to raise awareness. The Bing It On Challenge is a blind search engine comparison between Google and Bing, which gives users side-by-side results for the same query. Users are then asked to pick which sides’ results are better, and according to Microsoft people chose Bing more than Google. In fact, it was nearly a 2:1 ratio according to their analytics. Maybe “Bing it” will finally catch on… [ Source: Bing Search Blog ]

Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen dissects Windows 8, worried about interface intuitiveness

Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen (pictured next to Bill Gates above) did not have too great of a role in the company’s more recent history, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t lacking of opinion. On his personal blog, Allen dissects the Windows 8 user interface piecemeal, pointing out some potential fallacies that could lead to user confusion. While there are a lot of potential sore spots Microsoft will have to educate people about, Allen concludes with the following: “I’m excited about Windows 8 and am confident that existing Windows users will feel the same after they have had a chance to use it.” [ Via: Seattle Times / Source: Paul Allen ]

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