Official: Nokia Lumia 920 launching on AT&T November 9th for only $99 on-contract

This Friday, you can walk into your AT&T store and walk out with an all-new Lumia in your hands. Yes this is it folks, Nokia and AT&T have just made their launch plans official and we’ll admit we were caught off guard.

On November 9th, AT&T will begin selling the Nokia Lumia 920 for a mind-blowing $99 on contract. Sound familiar? Well it gets even better — while supplies last, the carrier will be throwing in a free wireless charging plate! The 4.5-inch PureMotion HD+ screen, the PureView camera, the pristine polycarbonate build, 32 GB of internal storage, wireless charging, Nokia’s suite of apps…the list keeps going on why this is a phenomenal deal.

Also joining the flagship on November 9th will be AT&T’s Nokia Lumia 820 for $49 on contract. Packing the same dual-core Snapdragon S4 as its big brother, the 820 comes with 8 GB of internal storage that’s expandable with MicroSD. The 820 also features multiple replaceable back covers for a fresh new experience every time.

Pre-orders of the Nokia Lumia 920 begin tonight at 12am ET/9pm PT at AT&T’s website here.

Source: Nokia Conversations

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