AT&T and Nokia kick off Lumia 920 advertising and sweepstakes, starring Will Arnett…and Todd (Update)

Nokia and AT&T are kicking off another marketing campaign, and (once again) it stars one of the funniest comedic actors in Hollywood. Arrested Development and Up All Night actor Will Arnett has begun the hunt for a new assistant to replace Todd, and it could be you.

We spotted the first commercial last night during NBC’s Saturday Night Live, but we’ve been unable to locate it online. Instead, the commercial pointed us towards and you’ll get a first glimpse at the hilarious personality that is Will Arnett (and his Swiveling Bear Chair) when you arrive there. Like we said,  Gob  Will is looking for a new assistant to replace Todd and he’s doing it through an online contest. Your resume is a virtual Nokia Lumia 920 and you have to personalize as you see fit (Start screen arrangement, apps, device color, and theme color).

Once you’ve created your ideal Lumia 920, the website pulls off some magic behind the scenes and generates a video featuring your specific device (although its not perfect — sometimes the clip will repeat certain parts). In addition, Will Arnett interviews your phone and talks about what apps you chose to pin, and your taste in color. You can watch my personal interview/entry into the contest here. Once your video interview is generated, you can tell your friends to vote for it and there’s a pretty sweet reward for you and a friend (per the Official Rules):

  • A round-trip flight to Los Angeles, CA (valued up to $1,200)
  • Paid two-night stay in a hotel (valued up to $400 a night)
  • $300 MasterCard gift card
  • One Nokia Lumia 920 (valued up to $659.96)
  • One day shadowing Will Arnett “as he performs various activities” (a minimum of 8 hours)

Don’t worry, the rules explicitly state that you won’t actually be working for Will but instead will just get to spend the day with the gut-busting celeb. Awesome. As the weeks progress, we fully expect to see more of Will Arnett and the Lumia 920 on national television.

Go ahead and get started at the source link below and get your friends to vote for your personalized video. Update: Check out the video from the website on YouTube here.

Source: Work For Will

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