AT&T responds to off-contract Lumia 920 mishaps, is just as confused as we are

You know how we feel about this morning where we were personally refused a Nokia Lumia 920 from two separate AT&T stores. But how does AT&T feel? We haven’t received a comment from the carrier, but PocketNow did wrangle an explanation. It turns out they’re just as confused as we are:

AT&T wanted to weigh-in with us on this issue, and makes it clear that what we’re hearing about is in no way sanctioned by the carrier. Stores where this is happening are acting contrary to AT&T policy, and when it does hear about stuff like this going down, it’s reaching out to those stores to set them straight.

While you should not strut into your AT&T store and wave this article in their faces (it’s tempting, we know), you should instead appeal to the manager and simply ask them to call AT&T support. From there the customer service rep should hopefully set things straight and you should walk out with a no-commitment Lumia 920.

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Source: PocketNow

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