Deal: Nokia Purity On-Ear Headphones just $99 from AT&T

We’ve been talking a lot about Nokia and AT&T, and we’re here to do it just one more time. While perusing the carrier’s accessories selection, we spotted a familiar face in the crowd: the Nokia Purity On-Ear Headphones.

Now it appears AT&T is offering an online-only discount where you can plunk down just $99.50 to get your hands on a pair of the Monster-built headsets. Compare that to the price on Amazon, which is $120 for the black headset, and you can see why we’d consider this a deal.

Unfortunately these are not the new Purity Pro headphones Nokia announced a few weeks back, meaning these do not support NFC and are not wireless. That being said it seems like a good buy if you ask us, and unless you were looking for a different color these should go well with that Lumia 920 you just pre-ordered.

We have no idea how long the promotion will last, so you’d better act on it fast.

Source: AT&T

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