Microsoft commits to a Windows Phone 8 update in December, resolves random rebooting issues

As great as Windows Phone 8 is, no software is devoid of flaws — whenever new phones are released there’s bound to be a few issues. One common complaint we’ve heard from Windows Phone 8 adopters occurs when their device suddenly reboots itself. In my time with the Nokia Lumia 920, I only ever experienced a random reboot once but others have reportedly faced the issue more frequently than that.

Acting quickly in response to these concerns, Microsoft has informed the press of plans to release the first over-the-air update for Windows Phone 8 in December. The update specifically addresses this rebooting issue and will likely be delivered to all handsets, but it is unclear what additional enhancements or changes could be in store. Here is the sparse statement Microsoft sent to members of the press on Tuesday:

“We’re continuing to investigate some reports of phones rebooting and have identified a cause with our partners,” Microsoft said in a statement on Tuesday. “We are working to get an over-the-air update out in December.”

Now this begs the question: have you experienced the rebooting issue on your new Windows Phone 8 device? Are you concerned that Microsoft apparently isn’t addressing any other pressing matters besides this?

Via: AllThingsD

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