Microsoft’s Windows Phone 8 marketing begins in U.S., Jay-Z and other celebs reportedly part of campaign

We’ve already seen AT&T and Nokia trot out the always hilarious Will Arnett as their spokesperson for the Lumia 920, but now Microsoft itself has kicked off its own Windows Phone 8 marketing campaign.

Uploaded to their official YouTube page a few hours ago, the “Reinvented Around You” video first shown at the Meet Windows Phone 8 event two weeks ago has been repurposed into a television ad. It runs for 1:03, which is slightly over the limit of the FCC’s commercial regulations but we’ve already sighted the TV spot running during one of today’s NFL football games. The original web video featured Jessica Alba who is not shown in this version, but it does still include Carolina Panthers’ quarterback Cam Newton.

Speaking of well-known names, The Sun has earned itself a scoop as it reports that several more celebs are lined up to pitch Windows Phone 8 to consumers. Those names include rap superstar Jay-Z, pop rock queen Gwen Stefani, and Britain’s Got Talent winner James Corden.

Finally in related news, Windows Phone UK’s YouTube channel has just uploaded its first advertisement starring British television personality Holly Willoughby. The spot is pegged to run during primetime television shows in the region, but you can see it right now after the break.

Via: The Verge
Source: Windows Phone (YouTube), Windows Phone UK (YouTube), The Sun

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