Video: Nokia Lumia 920 compatible with Palm Touchstone wireless charger

We just highlighted one unique fan-made accessory for the Lumia 920, but how about re-purposing an old one meant for another phone? This video is sure to light up the faces of dormant Palm fans.

One of the greatest innovations of Palm’s WebOS-powered devices (such as the Pre) was wireless charging, and in particular the famous Touchstone accessory. Plopping the device onto the dock would have the two hold onto each other through a magnet. The design also held the phone at a perfect angle to use while the Touchstone simultaneously charged it.

Well as it turns out the Nokia Lumia 920 and Palm Pre have more in common than just a bullet point feature. Nokia Developer ambassador Rich Dunbar just uploaded a video showing off his new Lumia 920 charging on a Palm Touchstone. Unfortunately there is no magnet within the Lumia 920 and as a result it does not appear to hold the phone on its own, but we’d expect hardcore fans to leap onto that project after seeing this.

Ironically, the Touchstone might also be the cheapest way to get wireless charging for your Lumia — just take a look at these Amazon listings which start at just $5.27. Since we know the 810, 820, and 822 also use the same wireless charging standard there’s a pretty decent chance those phones will be compatible with the Touchstone as well. Neat, isn’t it?

Via: Twitter (@RichDunbar)

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