Rumor: "Apollo Plus" to be the first Windows Phone 8 update, due out in February 2013

It’s quite amusing that as soon as we share our love and hate relationship with Windows Phone 8, word is out that the software might be due for an update — and soon.

The news began this morning when well-connected leakster “Football” tweeted out some new information about a so-called “Apollo +” update:

MS is going to roll out update for WP8 which is called Apollo+ in Q1 2013…
— Football (@Football4PDA) November 26, 2012

Unfortunately that is all Football was able to share with us, serving as just a teaser. However, another renowned leakster Tom Warren of The Verge has managed to learn more about this mysterious update and supplement Football’s tweet. The update is pegged for a debut next February at Mobile World Congress 2013, a stage that seems quite likely now that Microsoft is no longer participating in CES directly.

Warren further details the Apollo Plus update, and there’s quite a few niceties thrown in. Such features include proper VPN support, the ability for Wi-Fi to stay connected under the lock screen (yes!), and “some audio improvements”. This is by no means the complete feature list, since Microsoft itself probably isn’t sure yet what will and won’t eventually roll out to its Windows Phone 8 customers. Regardless, Apollo Plus is going to be a significant update but not the next major revision — in other words, this is our NoDo.

February is a long time from now, so in the meantime we hope Microsoft is putting its full efforts into delivering the promised Windows Phone 7.8 update before then.

Via: WMPoweruser
Source: @Football4PDA (Twitter), The Verge

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