Verizon releases second commercial "Ummm/Ohh", starring the Windows Phone 8X (Video)

Windows Phone is finally getting a recognizable marketing push this year from Microsoft, and even the carriers are starting to pick up some of the slack. Yesterday we saw Verizon premiere its first commercial for the Nokia Lumia 822, talking about how technology doesn’t need to be complicated.

Today the operator began airing a second commercial during college football games, titled “Ummm/Ohh”. This time around the Windows Phone 8X by HTC gets into the spotlight, but the aim of the ad is still the same. The clip shows a frustrated user trying to make sense of the complicated buttons, messages, and wires of today’s technology until it all makes sense on Windows Phone. Verizon continues to tout its exclusive on Data Sense as well, which is turning into a nice bullet point feature for them to sell.

If you missed the Lumia 822 commercial, you can watch it after the break. What do you think of Verizon’s ads so far?

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