Video: Gwen Stefani Windows Phone 8 ads debut online

Yesterday evening as Microsoft kicked off its Windows Phone 8 campaign, a report claimed that the company had some big names on deck to promote the new range of devices. As it turns out, the report was accurate and the first of those advertisements has now surfaced on YouTube.

WP7 Connect spotted rock and pop queen Gwen Stefani starring in her very own Windows Phone 8 commercials, uploaded by YouTube user NoDoubtRussia. The videos follow closely in the footsteps of Steve Ballmer’s Windows Phone video, where the Start screen tells a story as the phone’s owner narrates with some distinctive comments. This time we see the No Doubt singer in two ads, albeit they are very short (15 seconds each).

What’s also worth pointing out is that the ad specifically featured the Windows Phone 8X by HTC, and a Verizon logo at the end. It looks like Microsoft has taken a very Apple-like approach, spearheading the commercials with their own message but customizing it for carriers to get some brand awareness out of it in the end tag.

Check out the first one above and then watch the second TV spot after the break. What do you think of the ads?

Via: WP7 Connect
Source: YouTube 1, 2 (NoDoubtRussia)

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