Warning: The Nokia Lumia 920 is not indestructible, because concrete breaks glass

Image Credit: zxpouvias (Reddit)

As impressive as Nokia’s build quality has been for its premium tier of Lumia devices, around launch there’s always a sobering reminder that nothing is indestructible.

Reddit user zxpouvias is quite the unlucky new owner of a Nokia Lumia 920. Apparently he dropped the device screen-first on to concrete. When he flipped it over, the screen had been cracked as seen above.¬†Luckily for zxpouvias he has insurance on the phone, but he’s going to have to swallow a $125 co-pay for a replacement.

Take this as a warning folks: as hyped up as Nokia’s build quality is, any surface at the right angle can break any kind of glass. (At the very least consider getting insurance on the phone.)

Source: Reddit (/r/windowsphone)

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