Windows Phone 7.8 to be released ‘in the coming weeks’, new rumor claims rollout begins Wednesday

Now that Windows Phone 8 is in the wild, where the heck is Windows Phone 7.8? The update for existing devices Microsoft promised this past June has yet to materialize, and this week there has been more chatter about the software than ever.

Menafn reports that the Microsoft China Vice President has told them Windows Phone 7.8 will soon be available globally ‘the coming weeks’. It’s the first time in months that anyone from Microsoft has gone on record to discuss the update, so we’re inclined to believe the report despite not fully trusting Menafn’s reliability.

Since then, WMPoweruser has received word from a source that the update could be rolled out as soon as this Wednesday, November 28th. Again, the source is not completely trustworthy (the site itself says the information is not verifiable) but adds that the update should include, “the new start screen, but also new accent colours, Bing lock screen wallpaper, and on Nokia handsets SMS drafts and the ability to keep WIFI active when the device is suspended.”

With a report last week that claimed 7.8 reached RTM status, it’s looking like the release of the software is nearly upon us. We know folks are getting impatient about the update, including ourselves, so at this point we’re just holding out hope Microsoft can get the software pushed out the door before 2013.

Via: Engadget
Source: Menafn, WMPoweruser

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