Windows Phone gains huge developer boost after BUILD 2012: 1,500 new developers per day since last week

We knew BUILD 2012 was a pretty big success for Microsoft, rallying the troops to invest in Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 in big ways. But we didn’t know how big, or even if that number could be measured. Microsoft’s senior manager of Windows Phone Apps (and frequent writer on the official Windows Phone Developer Blog) Todd Brix has let loose a couple of jaw-dropping stats in the last week since BUILD 2012 concluded.

In the eight days following the massive developer event, Microsoft has averaged 1,500 new developer registrations per day — or about 12,000 new developers since last Wednesday. On top of that, the Windows Phone 8 SDK has become the most downloaded SDK Microsoft has shipped in 2012, presumably beating Windows 8 tools, the Xbox Kinect SDK, and others. The stat is reinforced after Brix says that the WP8 SDK has been downloaded twice as fast as the WP 7.1 SDK in the same span of 8 days.

Anyone still worried about Windows Phone 8? Yeah, we didn’t think so. You can see all of the tweets with more stats after the break.

Update: We should clarify that the reason for this tremendous growth in developer registrations was probably in large part due to the 92% discount promotion Microsoft ended yesterday. We apologize if that was not clear in the original article.

Source: Todd Brix (@toddbrix)

Windows Phone Devs showing up big again,Looking at some amazing #WPDEV stats 8 days after @bldwin. . .
— Todd Brix (@toddbrix) November 9, 2012

Averaging 1,500 new dev registrations PER DAY since @bldwin. #wpdev
— Todd Brix (@toddbrix) November 9, 2012

17% increase in total number of WP individual dev registration – in only 8 days! #wpdev
— Todd Brix (@toddbrix) November 9, 2012

2x the # of downloads of the WP8 SDK vs. 7.1 SDK in first 8 days since release #wpdev
— Todd Brix (@toddbrix) November 9, 2012

WP8 SDK is the most rapidly downloaded SDK MSFT has shipped this year! #wpdev
— Todd Brix (@toddbrix) November 9, 2012

Thank you WP Devs.We’re just getting warmed up! #wpdev
— Todd Brix (@toddbrix) November 9, 2012

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