WPD Bits: Windows 8 sales, BUILD 2012 swag, and Windows Store hits 10k

Welcome to another edition of WPD Bits where we wrap up the week by throwing out quick pieces of news from the world of Microsoft. You might have noticed last week that Bits went on hiatus. The reason? Last week, off-topic news about Microsoft did not exist as Windows 8, a plethora of partner devices, and the Surface RT hit retail.

This week’s edition is a little light as we go over some of the highlights from BUILD 2012 and a major app milestone not mentioned during the event. Keep reading to scarf down your weekly serving of Bits!

Windows 8 sells 4 million upgrades during first weekend

Just how successful was Windows 8 on launch weekend? According to Microsoft’s CEO Steve Ballmer this week at BUILD 2012, the company moved four million upgrades during the three day span alone. The number was well ahead of most predictions, which proves that the combination of a powerful new interface, a billion dollar marketing push, and a low entry cost can make sales magic happen. Unfortunately the company didn’t share Surface RT sales, but that was to be expected. [ Source: The Verge ]

BUILD 2012 attendees score a free Surface RT, Nokia Lumia 920, and 100 GB of SkyDrive

Speaking of good news from BUILD 2012, you definitely should have gone. Everyone inside that ginormous tent this week took home major swag: a Surface RT, a Nokia Lumia 920, and a 100 GB upgrade to your SkyDrive account. The Nokia Lumia 920 in particular is a rare breed, since WPCentral discovered that it supports the 1700 MHz frequency needed to use the phone on T-Mobile USA. Good luck finding one on eBay for a decent price though… [ Source: TechCrunch, WPCentral ]

Windows Store hits 10,000 app milestone right after launch

To add to the good news, Microsoft is off to a fast start with the Windows Store for Windows 8 and Windows RT devices. According to The Next Web, the app store reached the 10,000 app milestone about three days after Windows 8 officially launched on October 26th. Over the weekend several top-tier apps were released including Netflix, Hulu Plus, ESPN, PayPal, DropBox, FOX NOW and more. Are you ready to get coding? You might want to start by checking out all of the BUILD 2012 sessions on Channel9. [ Source: The Next Web ]

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