WPD Bits: Xbox Surface rumors, SmartGlass goes multiplatform, and Office Mobile for iOS leaked

Welcome to a late-night edition of WPD Bits, your weekly roundup of all things Microsoft beyond the world of Windows Phone.

We know for the past few weeks the Bits have come few and far between, but this week there’s a lot to talk about. Rumors of the 7-inch Xbox Surface abound, Office Mobile for Apple’s iOS gets leaked, SmartGlass continues to invade mobile screens, the Surface RT might be suffering from a defect, and the Xbox 360 continues the longest victory lap ever.

Scarf down your weekly filling of Bits after the break.

Microsoft prepping 7-inch Xbox Surface tablet for gaming, says The Verge

Note: This is a mockup.

Windows 8 tablets and the Surface RT may have only just touched down a few weeks ago, but rumors are kicking up (again) that Microsoft is building a tablet to address the 7-inch market. The Verge learned from sources this week that the so-called Xbox Surface would be largely focused on gaming featuring, “a custom ARM processor and high-bandwidth RAM designed specifically for gaming tasks.” The tablet would not run on any regular copy of Windows 8/RT, but instead its own custom Windows kernel. Finally, the Xbox Surface is expected to debut to the public before the next-generation Xbox console is announced. [ Source:

Micorsoft’s other beloved cash cow is of course Office, and the company appears to be finally translating the software for Apple’s iOS. The Verge has produced screenshots of Office running on iOS (seen above), and has learned of Microsoft’s distribution plans. The app will launch for free as read-only for documents, spreadsheets, and PowerPoints and can be upgraded for editing with a business license or subscription to Office 365. The estimated arrival date is March 2013, while an Android version is expected to bow two months later in May 2013. [ Source: