Apollo Plus update for Windows Phone 8 receives its traditional quirky codename

Microsoft’s Windows Phone team has a peculiar tradition when it comes to organizing their software updates. All of the internal codenames we’ve heard thus far — NoDo (copy & paste update), Mango (7.5), Tango (7.5 Refresh) and Apollo (8.0) — end in the letter ‘o’. Today we’ve now learned at the next update’s internal codename, and it’s an interesting choice to say the least.

WPCentral has published information from, “a known and trusted source”, which pegs the update to be known as Portico inside the walls of Redmond. If you’ve been keeping along you might be wondering what happened to Apollo Plus, the other codename which came out along with a report detailing the update’s new features. WPCentral could not clarify which codename would take preference but based on what happened with Tango and its official 7.5 Refresh moniker, we believe Apollo Plus will stick around to become the public name Microsoft uses to label the update for customers. Unfortunately, the rest of the report could not provide new insight as to what the Windows Phone 8′s first significant update would include.

It is still widely believed Apollo Plus/Portico won’t be unveiled until Mobile World Congress 2013, so sit tight and enjoy the phones we can still call ‘new’ for at least the rest of December.

Source: WPCentral

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