HTC’s November revenue snaps four month slump — is Windows Phone the reason?

The market has experienced growing confidence in Nokia’s sales performance around the world with their new Lumia devices, but what about HTC? The company’s ‘signature’ Windows Phone 8X and Windows Phone 8S have been on sale for about as long as Nokia’s devices have around the world, yet news has stayed quiet regarding sales. While many assumed this was due to less than stellar results, HTC’s just published November 2012 revenue report might dispel those predictions.

HTC has just reported a November 2012 revenue of NT $21.2bn (USD $730 million), which has snapped the company’s four-month downward trend for the first increase in revenue since June 2012. Revenue is still down 39% from the same time last year, so it’s not like the company’s misfortunes have been cured overnight. However, it’s a promising sign of growth as HTC wages war with Apple, Samsung, Nokia and others during the holiday season.

So what’s changed to spark this jump in revenue? As Unwired View concludes, it can likely be attributed to sales of the Windows Phone 8X and 8S. HTC released four noteworthy devices in November: the 8X, the 8S, the One X+, and the Droid DNA/J Butterfly. Of those four, the first three are the only ones available on a global scale with support from multiple carriers (the Droid DNA is a Verizon-exclusive in the U.S.). Yet of those three, the 8X and 8S are truly new devices — the One X+ is a rerelease of this year’s One X, which disappointed with initial sales that only fell further when Samsung released the Galaxy S III. Thus, it’s reasonable to assume the new blood in its lineup provided by the Windows Phone 8X and Windows Phone 8S are having the largest impact on this November turnaround for HTC.

The company likely won’t release sales numbers until their next quarterly report, but we are genuinely excited to see their performance after this. See, HTC? Sometimes taking our advice can be mutually beneficial.

Via: Digitimes, Unwired View
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