Pac-Man Championship Edition DX noms away as the Xbox weekly deal

The Xbox Deal of the Week gets you gaming on the cheap. Every Wednesday a new game goes on sale and the discount stays in effect until the new Deal is released.

It has certainly been awhile since we’ve benefited from Microsoft’s weekly gaming generosity, but that all changes with this week’s Deal: Pac-Man Championship Edition DX by Namco Bandai Games.

The game was originally released for Windows Phone in May 2011, and this ain’t your grandpa’s Pac-Man. Based on a Xbox Live Arcade release of the same name, this Championship Edition ups the ante by introducing all new kinds of gameplay. New mazes, more intelligent ghosts, and psychedelic graphics await in this awesome remix of the arcade cabinet classic.

Despite the game’s staggering normal price, the Windows Phone community has been forgiving to the title. Out of 421 user reviews in the Store, the title has earned an overall average of 4-stars.

Pac-Man Championship Edition DX has dropped from $6.99 to an incredible $0.99 for the rest of the week. It is the first time we have seen the game discounted, and Pac-Man sure took a bite out of the price! The standard free trial is also available.

Click on the tile or link below to get the game from the Windows Phone Store; or scan the QR code to the right by using Bing Vision on your Windows Phone.

Pac-Man CE DX
by Namco Bandai Games
Version: 1.1
Price: $0.99 (Sale) / $6.99 (Regular)
Trial: Yes

Store Link

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