Photosynth lens app for Windows Phone 8 coming soon

One of our favorite things about Windows Phone 8 are the new Lens apps, where you can launch a third-party photo app directly from the camera interface. Not only that, but images taken with those third-party apps are now directly integrated into your camera roll and with one tap can be viewed in the original app.

Naturally, folks who upgraded to Windows Phone 8 sought out Microsoft’s Photosynth app which has been available in the Store since May. Unfortunately, the app cannot be downloaded for Windows Phone 8 yet, presumably due to some incompatibilities. However, the official @photosynth Twitter account has provided a light on the other side of the viewfinder:

News: WP8 Photosynth “lens” app is in final testing. Will be released as soon as we’ve verified it on some final WP8 phones!
— The Photosynth Team (@photosynth) November 1, 2012

Now that the app has reached the final testing stages, we should expect to see Photosynth available for Windows Phone 8 soon. Plus it’s going to be a lens app, which makes it that much easier to capture fullscreen 3D panoramas. If you currently have a Windows Phone 7.x device, Photosynth can be download right now for free by clicking on the link below or by scanning the QR code.

Via: Windows Phone Metro
Source: @photosynth (Twitter)

by Microsoft Corporation
Version: 1.1
Price: Free
Trial: No

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