Tweetro+ relaunches in the Windows Store, limited-time offer of $9.99

A few months ago the creators behind Metrotube, LazyWorm Apps, surprised just about everyone when the team revealed Tweetro, a gorgeous Twitter app for Windows 8/RT devices. Once the latest version of Windows was available to the public, adoption of Tweetro skyrocketed in part for its free price tag and its top-notch design and feature set.

Unfortunately, LazyWorm Apps fell victim to their own success (again) and Tweetro ran head-first into Twitter’s new API restrictions, which limits the total number of accounts per app to 100,000. Twitter has been criticized since because the API restrictions were only understood to affect platforms for which an official app is available, but to this day Windows 8 is without one and the social network did not assist LazyWorm Apps in getting around the limitation.

Today, the Windows Store is welcoming back the innovative Twitter app but it’s a little different this time. Say hello to Tweetro+, the all-new paid version of the same Tweetro app you know and love.

As with any app relaunch, there’s been a few changes. Tweetro+ includes support for adding two Twitter accounts, and if you need more you can purchase extra slots via in-app purchasing. For the most part, people only manage two so we think it’s a reasonable trade-off. Just about everything else is the same, gorgeous app you know and love: a beautiful panoramic layout, a speedy built-in web browser, fast access to interactions and messages, and of course a killer snapped view for multitasking. Why do you have to pay? Here’s the answer from LazyWorm itself. In short, blame Twitter.

Tweetro+ is available in the Windows Store for $9.99, a limited time offer before it’s bumped up to $12.99 in a few weeks. Download Tweetro+ from the Store by clicking here.

Source: TweetroApp


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