VLC for Windows Phone 8 "easier than expected", just needs to reach Kickstarter goal

Do you want VLC Player for Windows Phone 8? Vote with your wallet, and it might just happen.

VideoLAN began a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for a Windows Store port a few weeks ago. At the time, VideoLAN was hinting that Windows Phone might benefit from the funding because the two projects could share code between one another, but had not considered porting it prior to the campaign. Today, the company is voicing a very different stance and in fact seems more than willing to do a port.

In an update to their campaign page, Jean-Baptiste & Felix from the VLC for Windows 8 team had a few announcements to share including the aforementioned Windows Phone port:

The first important news is that a port of VLC to Windows Phone 8 appears to be easier than expected. While the roadmap is about Windows 8 for Intel followed by a version for Windows RT, it appears to be feasible to publish another version with a specific interface for Windows Phone shortly after, since the WP8 APIs are way more similar to Windows 8 than WP7 ones.

Therefore, this fundraiser will help developping a version of VLC for Windows Phone 8. Interestingly, while WP8 offers the same programming interfaces available to Windows 8 & RT apps, it is less restrictive in some regards. Notably our existing networking code is going to run as is.

The team also adds that later this week we should received a first look at the Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 app’s progress. In addition, VideoLAN has received some extra support from Microsoft themselves who are “eager” to collaborate on the project. Furthermore, the application has also drawn attention from hardware chip vendors. Yet there is still a challenge to be faced with the Windows 8 app, since it must pass the Windows Store’s WACK certification standards to be successfully published.

While all of these are promising signs of things to come, VideoLAN is still well short of their £40,000 goal (current pledge sum is £14,683) and there’s only 18 days left. There are also plenty of rewards if you donate ranging from an honorable mention in the app credits all the way up to a reserved banner space on the VLC for Windows 8 website plus a special mention during the release announcement. Contribute to the Kickstarter fund here.

Source: Kickstarter

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