Windows Phone market share dips ahead of new hardware’s launch, according to comScore

With Windows Phone 8 out in the wild, the tech industry’s vultures have begun to circle and are gauging from a distance whether the operating system is showing signs of life. Those vultures will have to postpone their meal for just one more month, because today we only have comScore’s October 2012 market share results to share.

Microsoft’s mobile market share in the United States as of October 2012 is 3.2%, falling a few decimal points during the three month average from July. Unfortunately for Windows Phone, these market share numbers have been on a steady decline from the peak of 4.0% in May. This time last year, Microsoft’s market share was hovering around 5.0%, although this year’s drop can likely be attributed more to the faster growth of Android and iOS rather than an actual shrinking of Microsoft’s user base. No matter what way you look at it, the most viable third smartphone platform’s market share is still 10 times behind Apple and nearly 18 times behind Google in the United States.

The one ray of shining hope that Microsoft can look forward to in the weeks to come is of course Windows Phone 8′s release — these comScore numbers do not figure in those sales yet. Hopefully with phones available on three of the nation’s largest carriers, a wide variety of phones to choose from, aggressive pricing, and a huge marketing campaign, Microsoft’s bet on mobile will finally pay off.

Source: comScore

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