Windows Phone quietly kicks off ‘The Hobbit’ campaign on website

A few weeks ago, we learned that Windows Phone would be embarking on an unexpected journey for a new marketing campaign featuring characters from The Hobbit. Yet since then, we have not heard or seen anything about this reported campaign. The Hobbit has already entered into the box office and smashed a few records in the process.

Better late than never, Microsoft has seemingly begun their cross-promotional campaign with The Hobbit. The Windows Phone website now features a new page dedicated to the film, and highlights a few features with a Middle-Earth twist. Bilbo Baggins apparently enjoys using a Windows Phone 8X in his spare time and even uses SkyDrive so that, “his photos and files are easy to find and automatically get backed up during unexpected journeys”.

It’s a neat little cross-promotion that is admittedly done well — just look closely at Bilbo’s phone and you’ll have a good chuckle. Unfortunately, we have yet to see any commercials featuring the characters. While we wait, you can pick up one of three The Hobbit wallpapers by scanning the QR codes above, courtesy of the website.

Embark on your own journey to see The Hobbit Windows Phone page at the source link below.

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