WPD Bits: Outlook takes aim at Gmail, next-gen Surface rumors, and Don’t Get Scroogled

Welcome back to another edition of WPD Bits, our weekly roundup of the rest of the Microsoft-related news from this week.

Last week was Thanksgiving weekend, which kept the news cycle fairly light for Microsoft news but this week has coming roaring back with more fodder to feast on. The company’s shareholders meeting this week yielded some interesting new announcements regarding the Xbox 360 and Outlook.com, rumors began to circulate about Microsoft’s next generation Surface plans, and Bing kicked off another questionable marketing campaign.

Read up on all of the bits and bites after the jump!

Xbox 360 sells 960,000 consoles over Black Friday weekend, trumps Nintendo’s Wii U launch sales

Looks like Microsoft’s seven-year-old console still has some fight left, which was more than enough to keep a next-gen competitor at bay. During the company’s shareholders meeting this week, Microsoft revealed its stupendous Black Friday week sales numbers for the aging Xbox 360. More than 960,000 consoles were pushed out of U.S. store shelves this week, 800,000 of which were bought within 24 hours. Meanwhile, the Kinect sensor itself also enjoyed a good weekend, with more than 750,000 sold individually or with a bundle. By comparison, Sony sold 525,000 PlayStation 3 consoles while Nintendo’s next-generation Wii U console pushed 400,000 units. [ Source: The Official Microsoft Blog, The Verge 1, 2 ]

Outlook.com balloons to 25 million users in five months, takes aim at Gmail with new features

Xbox sales weren’t the only bragging rights on display at Microsoft’s shareholders meeting, which also touted the ground gained by Outlook.com since its launch in July. The Outlook Blog reveals that the service is now home to 25 million active users, and to celebrate the webmail client has added a few features Gmail users might want to give a second look. One of the most-requested features, archiving, has been added to Outlook along with more keyboard shortcuts and new color theme options. There is also a new Outlook app for Android, but in reality it is just a rereleased version of the existing Hotmail app. [ Source: Outlook Blog ]

Rumor: Surface RT 2, Surface Pro 2, and Surface Book to switch to new processors from Intel, AMD, and Qualcomm

With the Surface Pro on the way, rumors of the next-generation Surface lineup have already begun. Formerly retired leakster MS_nerd received a tip regarding Microsoft’s upcoming plans regarding their innovative tablets: the 8.6-inch Surface RT 2 will switch to a Qualcomm processor, the 11.6-inch Surface Pro 2 might adopt AMD’s Temash processor, and the new 14.6-inch Surface Book could enlist Intel’s Haswell processor. We aren’t quite sold on the sizes this rumor suggests the new tablets will conform to, but nonetheless it is intriguing to speculate. [ Via: Unwired View / Source: @MS_nerd (Twitter) ]

Bing launches “Scroogled” ad campaign to highlight Google Shopping’s fine print

Coming off the victory lap of the Bing It On campaign, Microsoft’s search engine is attempting another new strategy to get folks to switch from Google. This time, Bing is warning folks not to get “Scroogled” while using Google Shopping this holiday season, because Google ranks relevant products based on advertising revenue from the manufacturer/seller. Unfortunately for Microsoft, the commercials are atrociously bad — the worst one is above, and the other more-tolerable one can be seen here. The only saving grace is that the campaign does highlight something we personally did not know about Google Shopping, but it’s hard to tell if that message will find its way through the sloppy acting, bad music, and god-awful catchphrase. [ Source: Microsoft, Scroogled ]

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