AlphaJax finally upgrades as free Xbox game for Windows Phone

It’s Wednesday and do you know what that means? A new Xbox Live Game of the Week is out for Windows Phone!

It feels like the last new Xbox release was forever ago, after Microsoft skipped last week’s release. Fortunately the promotion is back with this week’s new(ish) Xbox game for Windows Phone: AlphaJax by Marker Metro.

Should the name ring a bell, it’s likely because you’ve already heard about AlphaJax when it was released for Windows Phone quite a long time ago. Much like Wordament, this grassroots Windows Phone game took the community by storm and the original was one of the most popular independent games in the Store. Recognizing their success, Microsoft has picked up the game and honored it with the full Xbox treatment.

AlphaJax was an early answer to games like Words with Friends, but unlike Zynga’s popular franchise Marker Metro executed with style and a true sense of competition.  Once you login with your Xbox account (all stats from the original game have been reset), you’ll have the option to start a Scrabble-like game with your Xbox friends, a random opponent, or broadcast to your friends on Facebook or Twitter to join in the game. Once your turn is finished, you’ll be notified of your opponents turn via a toast notification or the Games Hub’s built in turn-by-turn mechanism. The rest of the game is rounded out by its leaderboads, your personal stats, and of course Xbox achievements.

Here’s the best part: AlphaJax is available in the Windows Phone Store for free, thanks to being an ad-supported title. So you have no excuse to avoid downloading this one!

Click on the tile or link below to get the game from the Windows Phone Store; or scan the QR code to the right by using Bing Vision on your Windows Phone.

by Microsoft Studios™
Version: 1.0
Price: Free
Trial: No

Store Link

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