HTC’s funky Android smartphone with a Windows Phone-like interface, courtesy of Japan (Video)

Android phones have long attempted to ape the classier aesthetic of Windows Phone’s interface to decent effect. This time around, HTC is joining in on the fun.

This week Japanese carrier KDDI introduced its Spring 2013 lineup of smartphones, and one of them caught our eye: the au Infobar A02. Not only were we surprised to learn that HTC is apparently the manufacturer behind this slick-looking handset, but there is also the little fact that the wild custom Android interface takes a few cues from Redmond’s finest.

The tile-like arrangement of the home screen is reminiscent of our favorite new Start screen, but once you see this UI in action it’s pretty wild. Heck, there’s a chance all of the animations will give you a case of motion sickness.  (Video tour of the software can be seen after the break.)

Here’s the kicker: this isn’t the first Infobar handset to rock a Windows Phone-esque UI. Confession: we’re secretly wishing this actually did run Windows Phone.

Via: Engadget, XDA-Developers
Source: KDDI

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