New tool forces Windows Phone 7.8 update for your device with just a few clicks

Getting impatient for your promised Windows Phone 7.8 update? Our tried-and-true disconnect trick not going your way? We understand your pain and so does hacker extraordinaire Jaxbot — which is why he took matters into his own hands.

The homebrew pioneer of Windows Phone Hacker fame just released his latest invention called ‘Seven-Eighter’. It’s a tool which simplifies the intimidating .CAB method into a simple executable program. You download it, run it on Windows, hit ‘Install WP7.8′, select your desired language packages, and reap the rewards.

Based on past experience, we would recommend downloading the same language packs that are already included on your device. Go to Settings (Phone) > Keyboard on your WP device and make a note of all of the languages listed there. Then when using this tool, select all of those language packs.

Jaxbot notes that despite being a much simpler process with this tool, it technically carries the same risks as doing it the dirty way with the raw .CAB files. The tool just minimizes the risk of user error, and several people are reporting success with the program for all kinds of devices. We’d still recommend giving the disconnect trick a few more tries since it’s probably the safest method, but as long as your phone is securely connected to your PC and you pick the right languages, there should be nothing to worry about when using this tool. Download it at the source link.

Source: Windows Phone Hacker

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  • Ravi

    Lost hope.. Now my phone call history is not opening up after trying this.. Waste of time.. No clue what to do now.. Any suggestions