Nokia Lumia 620 hitting the UK on January 28th for £227

Nokia caught more than a few people off guard when it unveiled its low-end Lumia 620 last December. After all, it seemed as though Nokia would let its flagship 920 and powerful mid-range 820 carry the torch until the New Year. Well technically they did, because the Lumia 620 isn’t quite available on store shelves yet — but they will be soon in the UK.

The official Clove blog has announced that Nokia’s most affordable Windows Phone 8 handset will be available on its site by January 27th. The price is set at £227 (including VAT), which is actually a bit higher than Nokia’s initial estimation. Regardless, pre-orders have begun now and those who reserve early will receive their new phones by the end of the month.

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Via: Geeky-Gadgets, Reddit (/r/windowsphone)
Source: Clove

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