WP8 Updates: Nokia begins wider Portico roll out for Lumia 920, T-Mobile HTC 8X receives minor patch

Windows Phone 8 appears to be enjoying all of the good things in life right now, and that includes shiny new software updates. A few weeks ago, more than a few international Lumia 920 owners were miffed when North America was the first to receive the highly anticipated Portico update and Nokia’s various camera tweaks. Well, you know the old saying: ask and ye shall receive.

WPCentral and various other websites are reporting based on user tips from around the globe that Nokia Lumia 920 owners are receiving the Portico update. Confirmed countries so far include Germany, Italy, Russia, and the UK (on EE).

The OS update expands upon messaging features, adds text replies to calls, improves Internet Explorer and more. Meanwhile, Nokia’s firmware patch includes much-needed daylight photography improvements, more reliable Bluetooth connectivity, improvements to the battery life and more.

Focusing back in the U.S., T-Mobile is pushing out an update to its flagship Windows Phone 8X by HTC. Now don’t get confused, Portico was already released for the T-Mobile 8X a few weeks ago. Instead, T-Mobile’s support page says this patch (Firmware version 1532.20.20008.531) “features audio experience improvements for the Skype application”. We had heard user reports saying the 8X was struggling with the Skype app, so hopefully this update applies the necessary fixes.

Any luck getting these updates on your handset?

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Source: WPCentral, T-Mobile

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