Nokia RM-860 discovered, a new Lumia destined for the United States

With Mobile World Congress approaching ever closer in the next few weeks, the internet is getting a little eager to find leaks. So comes word of a new member of Nokia’s Lumia family, the RM-860.

The model was discovered by Nokiapoweruser on Elbert Perez’s Occasional Gamer game stats page, which has been a decently reliable source of device leaks in the past. However there’s also a whole heap of other Nokia models that don’t look familiar and could be real, so what make this one real? Nokiapoweruser did some cross-checking and discovered a Nokia RM-860 sitting in the company’s NaviFirm database, which at least confirms that some device with an identical model number exists within the company.

Going back to the original discovery (seen above), the model number also included a string of abbreviations that Nokia commonly uses. The “nam” part refers to a North American device, while “usa” obviously points the finger to the United States. That implies that whatever this device is, it could be a carrier-specific model for the U.S. market.

Like we said before, MWC is right around the corner and we wonder if the rumor of a Nokia ‘Laser’ device for Verizon might have anything to do with this. Speculate away!

Via: Nokiapoweruser
Source: Occasional Gamer

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