Poll: Do you use your Windows Phone for actual productivity?

This may come across as a curious question, but it is one that has been recurring in my mind as of late. Outside of multiple email accounts and a few apps like Nextgen Reader, Rowi (to manage our Twitter account), OneNote, and SkyDrive, I have realized that I do not use my Windows Phone for much productivity in my life.

Obviously some people really can use their Windows Phones for productivity, depending on their job or the apps available to them. However, I believe that there are just certain apps missing that severely limit what I can do to be productive on my phone. For example, my school uses the Blackboard online education system which has mobile apps for every platform besides Windows Phone.

So, do you use your Windows Phone for actual productivity? Vote in the poll and leave a comment below of how you use it to get some work done. (Maybe I just need a few ideas!)


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