Rumor: High-end Nokia handset for Verizon teased — and why it might not be the Lumia 920

It would be an understatement to say that Verizon customers (and those stuck on other carriers) are clamoring for their own high-end Nokia Lumia handsets. After the impressive Lumia 920 was released last holiday as an AT&T-exclusive in the United States, fans on other carriers were bitterly disappointed. Since then, there have been fevered talks about Verizon most likely offering up its own premium Lumia on its lineup at some point but their origins have never been from concrete sources. Until today.

Well, we suppose Tom Warren of The Verge is as concrete as a rumor-monger can get thanks to his stellar (though not perfect) reputation of leaking the juiciest bits coming from Redmond. Today, Warren tweeted out a veiled tease to his 12,000+ Twitter followers and it’s certainly raising some eyebrows:

If you’re on Verizon and you want a high-end Nokia Lumia. You’re gonna be happy soon.
— Tom Warren (@tomwarren) January 18, 2013

It’s a fairly short statement devoid of any specific details, but the one word he didn’t say — 920 — has gotten us thinking. Shortly before the Lumia 920 was released on AT&T, training videos from the carrier leaked online in October. The videos included a note claiming that AT&T had exclusivity rights for 6 months, and if that’s accurate it means the soonest the 920 could arrive on other carriers in the U.S. would be in April. If we had to speculate, Verizon would likely lose interest in the handset by that point considering its age in the rapidly-moving smartphone market.

Now, if we were to couple this exclusivity story and today’s tweet-tease with a report from Warren himself earlier this month about a new Nokia flagship, the pieces begin to fall into place. In that report, Warren wrote that Nokia had plans to debut a Lumia 920 successor sporting a new aluminum-clad design, but — here’s the important bit — it would retain “similar” specs from the original. At the time, we postulated that that meant the flagship would not be too far away from being announced…and what better time to reveal a modestly-upgraded flagship than during a keynote speech at MWC late next month?

Remember this is simply our speculative minds running amok, but we find it hard to believe that Warren’s prior report and this new tease from him are unrelated. Care to share your two cents?

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Source: @tomwarren (Twitter)

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