Steve Ballmer crashes CES 2013, informs audience of 5x higher Windows Phone sales (Update)

Last year was supposed to be the last time we ever saw Microsoft at CES, but their partners’ products have represented the company in spirit. Apparently, CEO Steve Ballmer did not get that memo and decided to crash CES 2013 anyway.

Making his surprise appearance via tonight’s Qualcomm press conference, Ballmer spent the majority of his time on stage talking up — what else? — Windows Phone, Windows 8, and Windows RT. His presentation reportedly stayed true to his charismatic personality, and he also quietly revealed a fascinating new piece of information. According to the livebloggers of The Verge, Ballmer told the audience that Windows Phone sales during the holiday season Christmas week were five times higher than they had been a year prior. Last we heard sales had quadrupled in November, so it appears the final stretch in December helped boost those sales numbers even more.

Ballmer’s cameo was short and sweet, devoid of any new product announcements. Instead, we can look forward to a proper Microsoft event at Mobile World Congress late next month.

Update: Video has surfaced of Ballmer’s appearance at CES 2013, and we wanted to clarify the CEO’s comments. At the show, he specifically said that Windows Phone sales were five times higher during Christmas week than the same time last year. We are sorry for the confusion, and have updated our headline and article accordingly.

Source + Image Credit: The Verge

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