Surface Pro hits retail February 9th, Surface RT pricing updated

Last month, Microsoft teased the impending release of the Surface with Windows 8 Pro by announcing the pricing details. Despite some initial controversy about those prices, it appears the tablet has pulled away from the negative press and Microsoft is now finally ready to debut its second tablet in retail stores.

Sharing the big news on The Official Microsoft Blog, General Manager of the Surface program Panos Panay pulled the curtain back on the big Surface Pro launch day: February 9th. That is the day Americans will be able to waltz into a Microsoft Store, Staples, or Best Buy to pick up a Surface Pro (or ignore the lines and scoop one up at the Microsoft Store website).

As a refresher, the Surface Pro will come in two varieties: 64 GB for $899 and 128 GB for $999. Each version of the tablet sold includes the Surface Pen, but Touch and Type Covers will be sold separately ($120 and $130, respectively).

Speaking of those covers, Microsoft has spruced up its line of Surface-ready accessories. Firstly, new Touch Cover Limited Editions will be sold for $129.99 each in early February. They will come in cyan, magenta, and red, and feature unique laser-etched designs. Secondly, Microsoft has announced the new Wedge Touch Mouse Surface Edition which will go on sale February 9th for $69.95. It’s a spin-off of the original Wedge mouse specifically built for the Surface, and made of a VaporMg-like material to compliment that shiny new tablet.

Last but not least, there is a new bundle option customers can choose for the ol’ Surface RT being added on (you guessed it) February 9th. Customers can soon elect to buy a 64 GB Surface RT as just a standalone tablet. Previously, customers had no choice but to buy a 64 GB version of the tablet that came bundled with a Touch Cover. Instead, buyers can now choose freely to buy a Type Cover separately without having a spare one for no reason.

Phew, that’s a pile of Surface news. We absolutely love all of the unique accessories Microsoft is throwing into its Surface line — it reminds us of Zune’s glory days. So, are you picking up a Surface Pro?

Source: The Official Microsoft Blog

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